Market Your Business to over 600,000 people in the St Louis Area

Find Advertising Success with YMCA of Greater St Louis Digital Advertising.

Our YMCA dynamic digital advertising concept is simple...we place your company's marketing message in front of thousands of people each week while they work out. Our 40-inch HD screens are prominently located in high-traffic areas, playing your 10-second ad a minimum of 30 times per hour in front of a "captive audience" at  YMCA branches throughout the gateway region.

While high-priced print and broadcast media are on the decline, targeted, digital place-based advertising is riding the wave of the future. If you're not on board, you're already behind.


Value: A 1/4 page ad in the St. Louis Post Dispatch can cost over $10,000 for one day, and research shows that 48% of Americans didn't even pick up a newspaper yesterday. Broadcast media can be as expensive, and is anyone really watching or listening?

With the advent of online/satellite radio, on-demand television and DVR's that allow skipping of commercials, is your message really reaching its target?

YMCA digital advertising offers wide-reaching advertising for just pennies per display.

Effectiveness: Ad display frequency is much higher with digital advertising, resulting in better ad recall and retention than other media. Viewers cannot skip ads, fast-forward or turn the page, so you are reaching a "captive audience". Digital signage ads are more flexible...they can be changed frequently, customized, and aimed at a smaller target market within a larger audience.

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